21 Maret 2010

just zip me!

i want to share my new headband collection.. and it's all for SALE!! only IDR 50.000

11 Februari 2010

valentine edition

i wanna tell you that this is the new collection of 7th Heaven headband!!

this is valentine edition that inspired by the famous gossip girl character 'blair waldorf'.. hope you like it and tell me if you interested to own one of these lovely headband..

Blair Bow Headband
IDR 45.000
available in red, dusty pink, purple, greenn, white, black, grey

Layer Headband
IDR 20.000
available in red, yellow, blue, white

23 Januari 2010

owner & store

yesterday, i met some of the online shop owner at honeymoon dessert TA.. and we had some serious fun!! we talk about anything, from customers, jne, bazaar and for the next gathering..

and i also know many amazing people from the gathering.. and we all is joined in K.O.S (Komunitas Online Shop) i really think that this community really make us know each other. :D

here is the photo, sorry i can just give you 1 photo.. i didn't bring my camera with me yesterday and this photo a get from my friend fitri..,.

16 Januari 2010

23 Desember 2009

twins and sixth?

i wanna tell about my dogs.. i mean it DOGS.. with "S"
because i have eleven in my house right now, and i wanna some help to get the newborn puppies a new home :D

first we meet fluffy.. isn't she beautiful?
fyi, she's the mother of six adorable puppies..

here is the twins.. i named it angel and baby.. :D

and this is my cute bailey the pomeranian :D

last but not least. this is shooter..
he is my first dog, and i had him since i'm in elementary school and now i'm on a college.. and he is the father of the six puppies..

angel ring

it's been so long from my last post.. but, i've been kinda busy preparing for my exam and also skill's lab test.. but now i'm free to enjoying my holiday :D

just some quick post, this is a view of my new angel ring.. i really really love it!! :D

anyway, i'm thinking about buying a slr camera with my own money, but still couldn't decide which one is the best and also in affordable price.. anyone know about camera?? give me some recommendation pleasse.. :(